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Tidying the house can help you to feel more organised and more in control of your our own life, especially around Christmas time. It’s a good feeling to go through your things and throw away what you no longer need to create a bit of space where you can. Creating more space for what you need is great and there’s no better time than just before the holidays.

Founded in the mid seventies, Prochem Europe Ltd is one of the leading manufacturer of maintenance and cleaning products, for upholstery, floors and carpets.

Holidays always hit the home hard in terms of cleaning up and Halloween is probably creates the most mess after Christmas. We thought we would create this handy guide to help you through this scary season!

Here are some tips to keep your house looking spick and span this summer with minimal effort required!

Having a nice clean home is naturally a good thing, however there are more advantages than first come to mind.

It may not seem like a pressing issue but a clean, fresh office will help your employees feel calmer and more productive. It will also make a better impression on your customers. Here are a few benefits of a clean, fresh office.

Tiles are not easy to keep clean at the best of times, but if the environment is damp it can prove to be more challenging.

Cleaning your home from top to bottom can take up your entire day if you let it, there will always be something that needs a wipe, dust, polish or a sweep.

Last year’s exhibition saw the attendance of thousands of senior management with enormous purchasing power to source new products, learn about the latest opportunities and to network with the industry.

Here at Woldbrite, we like to use up to date techniques to make sure we deep clean floors as thoroughly as possible, removing stains and leaving floors clean, bright and refreshed with a new lease of life.

Christmas time is upon us and that means that you’re going to need to get the house prepared and in shape for the festive season.  Below are some tips for doing just that: 

Here at Woldbrite we provide a professional domestic carpet and upholstery cleaning service and with over 30 year in the industry our experience gives us an unrivalled knowledge in all areas of wet and dry cleaning.

Ok, so I’m going to assume I’m safe in saying that pretty much everyone has a vacuum in their home somewhere, but did you know about these handy little things that your vacuum can help you out with in your home?

Having a clean building is all about creating a great impression and welcoming visitors and clients in to the space, a clean carpet or floor is an important part of this.

You might remember that in 2014 the EU put out a new law that banned the sale of some of the most powerful vacuums on the market at the time, prohibiting manufacturers from making or importing vacuums that had a motor exceeding 1,600 watts and with a further reduction to 900 watts in 3 years time.

Believe it or not, there are actually a few people out there that really LOVE cleaning. For them, cleaning their homes week in week out may not be chore, they may even look forward to it!

It can be tempting when your furniture is worn and tired to simply replace it. The downside to this however can be that it is very expensive! We don’t all have the money lying around to buy a new three-piece suite or armchair set - but this doesn’t mean you have to put up with grubby, old looking furniture.

There are numerous irritating stains that get to be really difficult to remove from your clothes, carpets or upholstery. Obviously, here at Woldbrite, we recommend a full restorative clean of you floors and upholstery as a solution, but we know this isn’t always possible.

When your furniture and upholstery starts to look tired and worn it can be easy to simple buy some new pieces. This option can however be very costly and wasteful! 9/10 there is reason to get rid of your perfectly functional furniture just because it looks a bit tired, because a good clean from Woldbrite cleaning services can bring it back to its original glory!

We are the home of cleaning services. If you need some professional help with your spring cleaning, we pride ourselves on providing an unsurpassed flooring and upholstery cleaning service that you can trust.

Hygiene is a common issue that effects domestic, commercial and industrial sectors and when left at the wrong levels can often lead to inefficiency, obstructions to  day-to-day running and costly outcomes, which whether you’re a business or householder are issues you will want to avoid.

Apart from the kitchen, bathrooms are one of the most difficult and important rooms to have to keep clean in the home, and let’s face it no one really likes doing it.