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Tidying the house can help you to feel more organised and more in control of your our own life, especially around Christmas time. It’s a good feeling to go through your things and throw away what you no longer need to create a bit of space where you can. Creating more space for what you need is great and there’s no better time than just before the holidays. Start of with the key areas in your home that you think could do with a clean up, these will generally be the kitchen, bathroom and living room. The kitchen and bathroom are fairly obviously places to be cleaning at this time of year, your more than likely to have more foot traffic through your home and extra guests that will be using the facilities. Making sure these are clean in the run up before Christmas not only provides a more welcoming environment for any holiday guests you might have it takes a load of off your mind, which is always nice when there so much more on it around the festive season. Don’t forget about the guest bedrooms either, these are often overlooked as being already fairly clean due to lack of use throughout the year, but this is not always the case. There always going to need a bit of a fresh dusting, maybe add a few air refreshers, reed diffusers etc. Do you have children or pets, it’s a good idea to give these rooms a once over for any random stray objects (toys) that might of found their way in there and of course, don’t forget the fresh sheets (you don’t what to be doing a wash and dry on Christmas eve).