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Ways to make your car cleaner than it’s ever been

 Cleaning your vehicle yourself can be straightforward and inexpensive. Also, you likely already have most of the materials and tools required. Keeping your car “like new” can also increase its resale value by many hundreds, or even thousands of pounds!!

 Things you will need:- 

 A vacuum cleaner: 

A vacuum cleaner with an extension hose and hand held attachments are ideal – you will need attachments to clean carpets and hard-to-reach areas. A steam cleaning machine may also be worth considering. 

 Chemical Cleaning Products: 

It is likely that you already have the products to clean surfaces including plastic, vinyl, carpeting and upholstery. Take a quick look at your car’s surfaces and assemble a list of your favourite cleaning products.

 Polishing and Wiping Materials:

For quality detailing work, you will need a wide assortment of rags and towels. For a fantastic shine on surfaces without the scratches, you cannot beat a micro-fiber cloth. Before you make a start, make sure the cloths are free of any chemicals.

 Applicators and Brushes:

Different-sized brushes are a must for cleaning dust from vents. Depending on the cleaner, you may need a bristled brush, rag or sponge. See instructions on the label and be sure to use the correct applicator. 

 Use a cheap foam brush or paint brush to dust between the Air Conditioning vents, Hoover up the dust as you brush it off, so it does not immediately settle somewhere else where inside the car. The hoover in conjunction with a brush ensures all your car's knobs and buttons are nicely cleaned. 

 Get all of the rubbish out from every nook and cranny. When you vacuum the floors of your car, move the front seats all of the way back

 Get rid of animal hair from your upholstery with a spray bottle of water and a squeegee.

 Wipe down your windscreen wipers with rubbing alcohol to prevent a smeared windscreen.

 Use a soft cloth and water to remove any dirt and grime lurking on and around the cars rubber seals. I like to see, even when the door is opened, that all surfaces are clean. Cleaning the car door seal can help make your car smell cleaner as it can help remove some lurking odors.


The three main types of material used for car seats are leather, vinyl, and cloth upholstery, each requiring different cleaning methods. Give your seats (and the areas around and between them) a thorough vacuuming to get as much dirt off the seats before applying any cleaning compound.


Luxurious leather does have a drawback: keeping it clean and looking new can be difficult. As time goes by, dirt and grime become embedded into the surface, possibly changing lighter-coloured leather to a dingy shade. Fortunately, a good leather-cleaning product can take care of that in no time.

 Most leather-cleaning products must be sprayed or applied to the seat, worked into the material by rubbing with a towel. If using a towel, make sure to flip it often so that you are constantly using a clean side. Once the cleaning process is complete, dry the seats with a micro-fiber cloth.

 Mirrors & Windows

A glass cleaner and a micro-fiber cloth can work wonders when cleaning glass surfaces. However, make sure you are cleaning glass, not plastic. For example, gauge covers on the front console are usually made of plastic. For this, you can use an all-purpose cleaner.

If you have tinted windows, be even more cautious. Some tinting is part of the window while other tinting is actually a sheet applied to the inside of the window – these are easily damaged by cleaning products (especially those that contain ammonia). When in doubt, contact the shop or vendor that applied the tinting.


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