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In small businesses, it is not uncommon for staff to pitch in with cleaning duties from time to time. As your business grows so will the duties of your employees and if you add cleaning to their tasks this can be an expensive use of everyone’s time.

You may decide it’s time to investigate using a commercial cleaning service to take this mundane task off your hands. There is a myriad of cleaning services available to choose from, but how do you know which one is for you?

How to decide which cleaning service to use

There are a number of considerations when selecting a potential service to think about.

When you meet how did they arrive?

Was the person clean and smart? Did they arrive in a liveried, professional looking van or a beat-up hatchback car? First impressions are vital in today’s competitive world and I someone if going to clean your premises, it stands to reason they will appear tidy and presentable themselves.

Did they make an effort to understand your needs?

It is really important that you both know what the need is from the outset. Is your space relatively low traffic and therefore just needs a going over every week or so? Are there regular external meetings so a more frequent service needed? Is the environment dirty, dusty or unusual in any way? These are all important to factor into a quote and as such, you should expect to discuss this.

Is the proposed schedule useful to you?

If the cleaner is going to attend out of hours, is this helpful for you? If they are going to work around your staff being in attendance how will you minimise disruption? You will need to work with the company’s availability but you should be able to come to a suitable compromise for both parties.

Some useful questions to ask before you start work

  • Who assess the standards? - is it you or the provider or both?
  • What training do staff have? - a company that values training usually values the standards of service they provide
  • Will they be supervised? - how often and by whom?
  • Do they have references? - both for the individual person who is doing the work and the company itself
  • How do you prefer to communicate? - by email, or call? Weekly or monthly, or only when required? This should be outlined in advance
  • Do they have experience in your industry? - if you work in an unusual environment the company should understand what impact this has on your cleaning needs


Finally, once you have received a quote, is it within the realms of being reasonable for your business? It is difficult when making investments in services which don’t necessarily pay back a return. Consider the softer benefits that a clean and welcoming environment will make to your sales pipeline.

If you need a commercial cleaner in Nottingham, Derby or Leicester, contact Tony today who will be happy to advise. Telephone: 01509 881137 or 07949 403046