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Ok, so I’m going to assume I’m safe in saying that pretty much everyone has a vacuum in their home somewhere, but did you know about these handy little things that your vacuum can help you out with in your home?

Add a little fragrance to the home

Choose your favourite perfume or essential oil, saturate a cotton ball with it and simply place in to your vacuum bag. Now as you vacuum along as normal the scent will slowly release and infuse with the air in the room.

A bit of dust

The humble vacuum is more versatile than you may have thought, by using the dusting attachment you can easily dust places that would otherwise be a pain such as blinds, pictures, books etc.

Especially useful in the open-window season (summer) when your doors and windowsills become dust and pollen hot spots; use the attachment here to get rid of the allergens before they blow into your home.  Repeat on a weekly basis to maintain low levels of dust.

Get in those crevices

Utilise the crevice tool that comes with your vacuum and use it to get rid of those hard to reach crumbs like the ones in the tray under the toaster or the refrigerator door shelves and then simply clean as you usually would.

This attachment can also help with the lint tray in your washing machine or tumble dryer after using the brush attachment on it first you can use the crevice tool to remove any remaining lint in the tray.

Easily get rid of carpet dents

So you want to move the furniture around and you know there’s going be some dents left in your carpet.  All you need to do to remove those unattractive dents is to place an ice cube on the dent and wait for it to melt. Now it has melted, the water will cause the carpet fibres to go back to their original shape and all you need to do is then vacuum the damp area to restore it.

Deodorise un-washable material items

To remove odours from any plush item that you can’t put in the washing machine such as mattresses or throw pillows, sprinkle a little baking soda on the offending item, leave to do its thing for around 30 min and then vacuum to get rid of the dust, dirt and smell.