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There are numerous irritating stains that get to be really difficult to remove from your clothes, carpets or upholstery. Obviously, here at Woldbrite, we recommend a full restorative clean of you floors and upholstery as a solution, but we know this isn’t always possible.

For this reason, here are some of the most common stains and ways we have found you can treat immediately to remove them and prevent them from setting!

Coffee: Soak immediately with lukewarm water. Gently dab stain with detergent or with vinegar diluted in water. Wash in the hottest water recommended for the fabric and repeat as needed. Avoid bar or powder soap as this can set the stain permanently!

Blood: Rinse immediately with cold water! If possible, immerse in room temperature water with detergent and let soak for 10-15 minutes.

Tomato sauce: Remove excess sauce carefully with a butter knife or spoon. Dab liquid detergent onto the stain. Rinse with cold water from underneath the stain – you don’t want to push it back into the fabric.

Butter/Fat/Cooking Oil: Treat immediately with lukewarm water. Immerse in warm water with detergent. Remove and gently dab stain with detergent; place face down on a paper towel and let stand. For persistent stains, carefully apply bleach or dry cleaning solvent from the inside of the garment and rest face down on paper towels, then wash thoroughly.

Wine: Treat immediately with warm water. Rub in salt and let it stand. Rinse salt out, dab gently with detergent and lay face down on a paper towel. Rinse again and wash normally. Again, avoid bar soaps, which can set the stain permanently.

Mud/Dirt: Soak in lukewarm water to and scrub to remove as much as possible. Apply detergent to remaining stains and let soak for 20-30 minutes. Rinse and repeat.

Removing stains can be very difficult sometimes, so it’s a very good idea to get your floors and upholstery treated properly. We will restore the beauty and life of your carpet and furniture by deodorising it, removing dirt and sating and installing protection against future stains so that your carpets new look in long lasting! You can have a brand new and refreshed home without having the huge expense of re-carpeting or re-upholstering.