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It can be tempting when your furniture is worn and tired to simply replace it. The downside to this however can be that it is very expensive! We don’t all have the money lying around to buy a new three-piece suite or armchair set - but this doesn’t mean you have to put up with grubby, old looking furniture.

From a light clean to a full restorative clean on even the most stained and worn settee, we can return the beauty and youth to your furniture by deodorising it, removing dirt and dust mite bacteria, and providing stain protection!

We know that over time all upholstery gathers a collection of stains from spilled food and drinks, pens, slippers, and various other sources. It also gradually becomes dull and lack lustre from overuse and age. Furthermore, it can also start to collect and hold onto unpleasant odours such as cigarettes, strong food smells, and pets.

The cleaning products that we use are completely safe as well as child and pet-friendly. While vacuuming a sofa can dispose of loose dirt and crumbs, it is not as thorough as a deep clean provided by a professional service which is why so many home and business owners use our upholstery cleaning service. 

We pride ourselves on remaining local using only the best pet and environmentally friendly chemicals recommended by all the major upholstery manufacturers.

So save your money – get your upholstered furniture cleaned! We guarantee to bring it back to its natural beauty and make it look so fresh and clean that everyone will think that it is new!

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