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Apart from the kitchen, bathrooms are one of the most difficult and important rooms to have to keep clean in the home, and let’s face it no one really likes doing it.

It’s not the most exciting task, but here are some ways to make it a little less gruelling.

Tackle moisture 

Moisture is one of the biggest culprits of derailing your cleaning efforts. It causes mildew, leaves water spots, discolours grouting, and will make towels and other material items small musty. 

If you take care of moisture you take care of most of your bathroom cleaning anguish.

• Post shower squeegee – After a shower leave it for at least a few minutes and then take a moment to use a squeegee to pull any excess moisture from the walls. This will go a long way to keeping your grout dry and mould free, it’s much easier to do this than to clean discoloured grout.

• Apply a water repellent to the doors of your showers – Make sure to read any instructions before use. Adding a water repellent can aid water, soap and minerals to wash away down the drain before having a chance to secure themselves on to surfaces, making for less frequent and easier cleaning.

• Keep the fan going – While your exhaust fan should definitely be running when having a shower, you should also leave it to run for around 20 minutes after as well. This won’t only prevent mildew from forming but will also help keep towels dry.

• Keep surfaces clear - Similar to other rooms in the home, your bathroom is probably going to have a bit of clutter. Keeping on top of this will make it easier in the long run. Start with your medicine cabinet, throwing away any out of date medication and then continue on working your way down to the rest of the cupboards, shelves and drawers

Have a plan / schedule

Mark it down on the calendar when you plan on cleaning the bathroom, whether it’s just a daily check or a weekly wipe, having a routine that is consistent is an essential when wanting to keep your workload down.