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Cleaning your home from top to bottom can take up your entire day if you let it, there will always be something that needs a wipe, dust, polish or a sweep.

A speed clean is an everyday kind of clean, there will be deep cleaning but just not of everything, there will other times to clean under the fridge or dust all of the skirting boards.

The trick to speed cleaning is to stay fixed on the task at hand, it focuses on specific tasks and doesn’t veer away from them. This means not getting distracted, no making sure everyone of your throw cushions are at a 45 degree angle or organising your bathroom supplies in a specific order, no, speed cleaning is all about getting the job done and not overdoing it.

Here are some tips for different rooms around the home, which will help you cut down your weekly cleaning times.

Bedrooms – 5 to 10 min each

Making the bed is a must. Even if there are other things lying about, it will instantly make the room look much tidier.

Swiftly pick up any, clothes, toys or dishes that may be lying around the room.

Take a dry rag or duster and use it to quickly dust every surface.

Bathrooms – 5 min each

Squirt toilet bowl cleaner or bleach around the rim and let it sit.

Use some disinfectant wipes or a damp cloth and some disinfectant spray to quickly wipe down sinks, tubs and showers.

Also use them to wipe down the toilet seat and surrounding floor area.

Use your toilet brush to give the toilet, rim a quick scrub.

Living Room/Dining Room/Study room areas – 10 to 15 min

Go around and quickly pick up any dishes, toys, shoes or any other items that are lying around the room (You can just put them all in a basket to sort later).

Take a duster and swiftly dust all surfaces.

Using a damp cloth, wipe down tables, dining chairs and any leather furniture.

Tidy desk area and neaten up any pieces of paper that are scattered around in to an organised pile.

Kitchen – 10 to 15 min (Depends on the amount of dishes)

Pick up anything that does not belong quickly and place in a basket.

Get together those dirty dishes and put them next to the sink.

Quickly empty the dishwasher if required, and then load it.

Give all the pots/pans and dishes that need to done by hand a wash.

Spray all your counters with a disinfectant spray and follow up with soapy water and a wet sponge to wipe them all down.

Dry the hand washed dishes and put away, then make sure to drain the sink.

The key to a clean looking kitchen is to have clutter free worktops and counters and a clean sink.

Finishing the job

Use a dry mop to clean any hard floors.

Have a quick vacuum around to pick up any missed bits.

Put away any items that were collected in baskets while cleaning, if you have time.

This might take a bit of getting use to, but like anything, once you have got in to the routine of it, it will become a habit that you will be happy you have under your belt.