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Hygiene is a common issue that effects domestic, commercial and industrial sectors and when left at the wrong levels can often lead to inefficiency, obstructions to  day-to-day running and costly outcomes, which whether you’re a business or householder are issues you will want to avoid.

Hiring a professional cleaner can seem like a costly option, however if you lack the time and/or staff to keep on top of things you will be surprised at just how much you appreciate the extra assistance.

At Worldbrite cleaning we pride ourselves on the personal touches we bring to people’s homes, offices and local authorities  while exceeding customers expectations of the levels of hygiene that we can bring.

Although our humble beginnings started in carpet cleaning more than 30 years ago as a family run business, word of mouth and excellent reviews from customers have allowed us to expand our work into upholstery, wood floor, stone floor and tile and grout cleaning providing businesses and homes across the country, including Nottingham, Leicester, Derby and surrounding areas with excellent cleaning services.

You can rest assured that all of our work is fully insured and that we only employ professionally trained technicians that follow our strict codes of practices. This means that we will only provide the best, liaising with you from initial consultations to ensure that you will be happy with every step.

Our services incorporate both little and large cleans from fixing those stubborn to remove carpet stains to extensive clean of student housing or hospital upholstery. Many people worry when they have expensive textiles furnishing their home or workplace, however, we understand that all textiles and materials are made from different fibers and can incorporate a multitude of dyes and chemicals.

Due to our extensive experience and knowledge of the cleaning industry we are able to cater our services and products to suit the areas which require cleaning, providing the appropriate solutions to produce the results that you want consistently.

Domestic carpets and rugs can often be a breeding ground for dust mites and can also attract outside pollen and pet hair, which can be a nightmare if you have allergies – if these are things that worry you we would recommend regular cleaning every six to eight months which will not only reduce allergens and improve your health but will also help prolong the life of expensive carpets and rugs. This is particularly useful if you are looking to completely sterilise or clean up rental properties after tenants have moved out or are looking to sell your home.

Our services also apply to any upholstery that you may have on sofas, armchairs or furniture which can all be treated at your discretion with our choice of the right products.

From light cleans to full restorative services – our services at WoldBrite only aim to produce sparkling results. 

Please contact us if you would like more information about the services we can provide for:

· Homeowners

· Office blocks

· Hospitals

· Councils

· Rental Properties

· Student Accommodation

· Universities, Schools & Colleges

We have worked with numerous clients across the country and invite you to take a look at their testimonials on our website.

Our current special offer provides a FREE clean for the smallest room when you have 3 carpets cleaned.

Welcome to the world of ‘Brite’ cleaning.