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Chemspec Air Neutralizer Citrus (1 x 3.78L)

Chemspec Air Neutralizer Citrus
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Product SKU:   UO141161G

Chemspec Air Neutralizer Citrus A water based space and carpet deodoriser and additive

Water based space deodoriser for effective removal of many odours, especially effective against fuel oil odours. Can be used to fog air ducts, added as a booster to alkaline detergents such as Formula 90 Powder if dealing with severe odour areas. Can be added to wall cleaning products following soot damage for extra deodorisation or added to paint to add extra dedorisation to every process. For extra information see the second pdf file for the product sheet.

Example Uses:

Decorators Deodourizer
Paint Deodourizer
Paint Smells
Valeter Air Freshner
Smoke Damage
Fire Damage
Air Freshner
Car Air Freshner
Odour Eliminator
Car Freshner
Ca rOdour Netralizer
Bad Smell
Smoke Smell
Getting Rid of Smoke Smell.
Carpet Freshner.
Carpet fragrance.
Carpet odour elimantor.
Carpet Freshner.
Odour Elimantor.
oil odour.
Oil based odour.

PH @ use: 6.0 - 7.0

Coverage: Up to 30 cubic metres per 4 L (fogging). Other uses see label

Dilution: Various see label

Appearance: Clear amber liquid

Fragrance: Citrus Odour

Packaging: 1 x 3.78L



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