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Holidays always hit the home hard in terms of cleaning up and Halloween is probably creates the most mess after Christmas. We thought we would create this handy guide to help you through this scary season! Fake Vampire Blood! Fake blood consists of corn syrup and red dye making it a real nightmare for carpets and upholstery especially if Count Dracula decides to have a sit down! If you rub alcohol into the dye stain this will remove it and also will remove it from dark surfaces too. Real Blood! At the end of the day accidents happen when everyone’s running about trying to spook each other. Believe it or not, hydrogen peroxide is perfect for getting rid of blood stains. Apply it by dabbing the stain using a cotton ball or rag cloth in the peroxide and then flushing it with cold water and repeating the process until the mark is completely gone. Pumpkins of course!! It's easy to let a pumpkin sit too long on your front steps or inside on a window ledge, resulting in a nasty rotting ooze. Fortunately, the fine people who make WD-40 have got you covered, because not only can you use WD-40 to make your carving go smoother, you can also use it to dislodge a pumpkin that has bonded itself to your front porch. Chocolate Hell not Heaven! Trick or treat? You may want to think again because removing chocolate stains from laundry or soft furnishings is tricky at the best of times. We would recommend a fabric laundry pre-treatment spray such as Vanish. Spray then gently rub the area using a damp sponge or cloth. Goulish hairspray Halloween isn’t complete without a liberal use of coloured hairspray. Once the night is done, the best thing to do is to have a shower and wash it out of your hair before you hit the pillows. If however you do get the stain on the pillows for example, start by flushing the stain with cold running water then apply a stain treatment product and stick it in the laundry as per usual. Exorcist projectile vomiting! Let’s pretend you've had a dodgy kebab and you are vomiting like Linda Blair in the Exorcist! The best way to handle the situation (sorry about this) is to start by picking up as much of the solids (OMG!) as possible. You can use paper towels to do this. Then use some more paper towels to absorb the remaining liquid. Then us a product like Vanish Oxi Action to deal with the rest. You might want to leave your windows open for a short period of time to air the smell. Crisp and Brite are a driving force in domestic and commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning for over 30 years. For additional information please call 01509 881 137 or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..