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rug cleaning

A rug can really be a great way to add colour, warmth and style to a room and we know how fantastic a brand new rug can be. Vivid, clean and fluffy - a new rug can look and feel lovely. But, just like carpets and upholstery, time can take its toll on our rugs this is where Woldbrite comes in to give your rug that clean it deserves.

What was once a beautiful addition to a room can later become tired and grubby, which can bring the whole space down.

It doesn't matter how careful you are, your rugs will inevitably end up with the odd spill and stain - children’s muddy shoes, the occasional drop of wine, the odd pet stain or two? Accidents happen and over time your rug will lose its once bright and luxurious appearance.

Whatever the shape, size, style or colour of your rug, at Woldbrite, we will do our best to clean it and to restore it back to or as close as possible to their original condition as we can. From a light clean, to a full restorative clean, we can restore the beauty and life to your rug by deodorising, removing dirt and dust mite bacteria and stain protecting.

For any more information about our rug cleaning methods or would like your rug being clean, please contact us on 01509 881137 or 07949 403046 to book an appointment.


                           rug before                  rug after