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KleenRite machines are one of the most powerful cleaning machines in the industry. The company provides high quality, reliable and high-performance cleaning machines from vacuums to washers, KleenRite are constantly developing technologies which are far more advanced than those offered by inferior cleaning equipment manufacturers.

All machines come with numerous features such as easy open, easy clean and debris collectors, allowing only fine dust and lint to enter vacuum fan and top fill disposable bag, with regular use of KleenRite will make sure that your carpeted areas cleaner and visibly more attractive! But also promoting a healthier environment due to the product’s high micron filtration capabilities.

We can get your very own Kleenwrite machine from our direct supplier. KleenRite machines offer you many choices in pump, vacuum and heater configurations. If you would like to know more about these machines or would like one for your very own use, please contact us on 01509 881137 for more information.

KleenRite Sphere 100PSI
KleenRite 204 HX (Solvent Capable) 40 PSI
KleenRite X-VAC
KleenRite Horizon 1200PSI
KleenRite Mega (for Maximum Flood Extraction) 
KleenRite Edge 500PSI