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Woldbrite offer a full range of stone floor, floor tiles, wall cleaning and general stone care.

Stone floors & floor tiles can look exceptionally beautiful but over time they become dirty, dull, and dreary as they gather dirt and eventually reach a point when a general clean with a mop and bucket is simply no longer enough.

From a light stone floor cleaning to intense cleaning, we can transform your floor back to the way it looked when it was first laid down. Cleaning deeply within the grout lines as well as the surface itself, we can efficiently remove years of grime.

Furthermore, if the floor is heavily scratched it can be re-polished back into its initial state so that your floor looks completely new by the time we have finished.

We only use the best natural stone floor cleaning products throughout the process, from initial clean through to the final polish; products which are designed to clean thoroughly and maintain the stone’s fine finish for a long period of time.

Not all stone flooring is the same but we have the expertise required to understand how Slate, Marble, Limestone, vinyl, and other types of flooring each need to be treated so that they look their very best and can be sustained for many years.

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